We work with clients who share our passion for design and commitment to producing exceptional results.


Budgeting & Pre-construction

Site Specific’s approach to budgeting and pre-construction is built upon the Integrated Project Delivery method. This method identifies project durations, key exposure items, constructability issues and value engineering at the earliest stages. Our open book process provides a competitively bid GMP contract that is mutually developed with all the stakeholders contributing to the effort.


Quality Construction

Site Specific’s Leadership Team oversees quality control at the highest level. All departments have assigned leaders to implement quality control on a daily-basis–from financial reconciliation and job reports to construction details, site clean-up, air quality, and everything in between.


Work Environment

We strive to keep stress at a minimum on our job sites and in our office, and we work with wellness professionals to develop high-performing teams. We practice and train our entire staff to work under tight timelines and in occupied buildings. To do this efficiently and effectively requires a group of well-balanced professionals able to overcome challenging obstacles on a daily basis.


Safety Policy

The safety and health of every employee at Site Specific is our main priority. We have an in-house Safety Committee and stay up to date on the latest safety information available. A strong safety signage program helps communicate our concern for everyone’s health and well-being. All of us at Site Specific share responsibility for the safety, health and well-being of our clients, the environment, and ourselves.



Our Clients